The Writing Group

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Recently, I have joined a writers group. We meet monthly via zoom. We have the opportunity to share experiences, learn from one another and read our work for others to comment on.

Over the past two sessions I have been learning about “flash writing.” You have 10 minutes to write a piece. The organizer uses a Random Word Generator to select a single word and ….off you go.

The word we were given was “Counter”. This is my “flash” piece……

In my mind, I think of the counter I fitted to my bike as a teenager.  Each revolution of the wheel was converted into miles. Every clunk of the counter made me one revolution closer to my target.

In some way shape or form, counters are an important part of all our lives.  Whether the step counter on our smart watches or, the targets we have to achieve for work.  Even in writing, I find myself looking at the word counter to see if I am achieving the magic number.

I don’t think God has a counter. 

He deals in one’s. 

The one lost sheep.

The one prodigal.

The one coin. 

God does not do counters, because each one is precious.

A Thought From Penhurst

I have just come back from a wonderful retreat.

If you ever get chance, I would recommend a visit to the Penhurst Retreat Centre.  The setting is amazing.  The food, terrific.  The welcome warm and friendly.  This was my first visit to Penhurst and I was soon made to feel like ‘one of the family.’ 

The retreat itself was guided by the delightful Jack and Sandra.  Their gentle and relaxed approach, coupled with the setting, made prayer and reflection a real joy. My only regret is, the retreat was not longer!

I am one of those people who like to journal, and the retreat gave me the chance to really explore some knotty thoughts and bring them to God in prayer. Jack and Sandra were very good at giving prompts that led to deep reflection.

Early one morning, I awoke with a thought rattling around my head that has taken (and is taking) some working through. Naturally, I turned to my journal and made the note;

Sometimes, the process of prayer involves letting go

Don’t worry, I am not heading into the realms Disney and Frozen!

There was an important truth that I needed to work out here. There are the obvious things that need to be let go of. The writer to of Hebrews says;

let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles

(Hebrews 12 vs. 1)

I have often thought of this verse in terms of the negative things in our lives. The words that hinders in the Greek means “weighted down.” When we identify, confess and seek God’s forgiveness for the “hinderances and sins” we often feel much lighter in our spirits.

But, what began to dawn in my thinking was, not everything that weighs me down is a negative. I can hold, very tightly, onto things that I see as “mine” and not want to release others into. I began to feel God asking me “are you prepared to release _______ so that you can come deeper with me?”

Of course, the answer should be “yes” but, letting go is not always that easy!

And so, what began as a journal note at Penhurst, continues to be worked through. I pray for sensitivity to God’s leading and directing as I pray that you too, will be open to God’s leading in your hearts