A Thought about Thoughts – I think!?

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“I have an idea”, or (more likely) “I have no idea!”  Phrases we use and phrases I have been thinking about. 

I have been thinking about thinking (sounds a bit Winnie the Poohish).  But, stick with me for a moment, because our thought life, minds and brains are incredible.

I typed “human brain” into that well known search engine the name of which rhymes with “frugal”.  In 0.55 seconds I got 28,900,000 possible sites.  Now, just in case you are thinking “he obviously hasn’t got anything better to do”, let me point out I only looked at one or two sites and I wasn’t able to find anything that helped me understand human thought processes or how we think what we think.  Once we start getting into psychology and understanding why we behave in certain ways I am afraid my mind starts wondering elsewhere.  However, for now, let’s say the Psalmist is right when he says;

I am fearfully and wonderfully made         (Psalm 139 vs. 14)

Our thought life is made up of our hopes, dreams, desires, wants, needs, fears anxieties and probably much more complex things besides.  I also know that my thought life is sometimes good and, sometimes, not so good.  I am capable of wonderful imagination and incredibly destructive thoughts too.

My problem comes when the incredibly destructive thoughts begin to control my actions and my reactions.  I can end up responding to people and situations in ways that I will regret.  I snap at people. I respond aggressively to the, well meaning, person who ‘steps on my toes’.  I can say things that I regret and can end up damaging others all because of my destructive thoughts.

This morning, in my quiet time, I read a piece in the Bible that really helped my thinking about thinking;

The mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace       (Romans 8 vs. 6)

As I thought about this, I reflected that it all depends on who governs my thinking.  Is it me, self, my, I?  Or, do I allow God to govern my mind?

So, when those stray destructive thoughts come to mind, I need as The Apostle Paul says, to take it captive (2 Corinthians 10 vs. 5) and make it obedient to God.  In other words, I have to learn to ask “is this what God really says?”

Why not have a go today, and think about what you are thinking?


One thought on “A Thought about Thoughts – I think!?

  1. Mind boggling Sean. “Stick with me…..” did you mean Winnie the Pooh sticks?
    Today is “St Matthias Day” Now I’m not a saint cult follower. However, (!), he is the one who replaced Judas on the early committee ( disciple band ) And my mind takes me there, where conflicts , personalities, cultures, ages all met together to have “the mind of Jesus” To know where he was coming from and where they wanted to go to!

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