Best laid plans…


The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley,

(Robert Burns To a Mouse 1786)

As Burns night is almost upon us, I thought I would begin by quoting the great Rabbie Burns!   But, strangely enough, these words seem to reflect my week.

I began my week with ideas and plans all in place and everyday, something went wrong and nothing I planned got done.  How do you manage when things don’t go as planned?  I have a tendency to get frustrated and i can find it very stressful.

I found myself reflecting that most of the most inspiring moments of Jesus ministry came from interruptions, His “best laid plans” were interrupted on many occasions and it’s from these His ministry flowed.

Perhaps, instead of getting upset at the interruptions, we need to learn to look for the opportunities in the interruption.

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