Catching my breath

You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from. 
True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction.

(Psalm 23 vs. 2 – 3 The Message) 

As some of my regular readers will know, our family have been going through a bit of a turbulent time of late. As some of you may be aware, things have moved on a little and whilst my immediate cancer scare has passed, there are still some things rumbling in the background.

What has surprised me is, just how tired both physically and emotionally I feel. I was reflecting on this as I set out to work today. I was exceptionally tired and as I faced a hot, sticky drive along the beloved A12 which was something I could do without – I thought

Why was I making this journey?  Well, one of the privileges I have is that I am a volunteer chaplain at the House of Retreat in Pleshey (not far from Chelmsford).  Pleshey has become a very special place for me and I look forward to my sessions there. I am not sure if I have helped many people but, it always seems to help me.

When I arrived at the house I was a little,surprised to find notices all over the place declaring “House in Silence” – I was supposed to be available to pray and talk, how could I possibly do this whilst respecting the silence?

Strangely enough, it felt as though God had arranged all for this for my benefit. I have no idea how the guests felt but, I found it restorative, refreshing. An opportunity to be with my thoughts before God and that, in its own way, is healing.

For a short time I found myself “sitting beside still waters” and finding the refreshment that God gives.

5 thoughts on “Catching my breath

  1. One of the activities I enjoy Sean is meditation. We have a group run by a Croatian guy Marko, and about 10 of us meet. We have a reflection, 5 minutes of music, 25 of silence saying a scriptural verse, or calming our thoughts into a state of presence. It is very therapeutic. It seems strange because we could do this at home, but being together is very powerful. We have some brief meaning fun reflections together before we depart. Silence is sometimes misused, often it is powerful in its right context. As you say “beside still waters”

  2. After the 25 minutes we have more music and then a prayer of Trinitarian Blessing. It is a Christian activity which happens in the Community Centre in the middle of town and is advertised as all welcome. It is also interesting that the medical profession have tried something similar called “mindfulness”. In the name of the Trinity I believe this activity together has such a healing gift.

  3. Be9ng hijacked by God is always special. He always knows precisely wat we need. I’m glad your time of silence was so restorative.

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