Corona Poem

There is no escaping the fact that Coronavirus has had a massive impact on life. The way in which we live life has changed dramatically in the last month. We have seen the panic buying, the strangeness of “social distancing” and now, we are living with the “new norm”.

But, I have a problem…

You see, this is my favourite time of year. Easter is, in my opinion, the high point of the Christian year. I enjoy being part of our fellowship as we journey together through Palm Sunday. We share communion on Maundy Thursday and mourn together on Good Friday. I love the singing of “Thine Be The Glory!” and rejoicing in the resurrection on Easter Day.

This year is going to be different…

Thanks to coronavirus, none of this can happen this year. We will be doing things but, we will be at a distance.

This got me thinking…

We take so much for granted. We live each day shopping, travelling, talking to people and do not give it a second thought. We have even taken our Church life for granted.

From time to time, in my reflections, I have a stab at a bit of poetry (don’t think I do too much damage to the art form with my ramblings). This is something I have started to put together…..

When the history books are written

about the events of our today

Have you stopped to consider just what they might say?

Will they talk of politics

Of who did right

Or wrong?

Will they talk of closed schools

Of loo rolls?

Of queuing for the shops?

Will they talk of isolation

Or of separation

And times of hidden fear?


I hope they will remember

That the earth had time

To breathe

And that people

Found some kindness

Reaching out to those in need


I hope we will remember

That what once we took with liberality

now we must view with a new reality

5 thoughts on “Corona Poem

  1. Many thanks Sean – really poignant.
    The other day I was filling in a Christians Research survey and one of the questions was about the effect this time would have on church members in the longer term, and I mentioned that they would no doubt gain a greater appreciation of what it means to come together in worship and fellowship. Indeed, I have been encouraging folk to reflect upon how our inability to come together for worship at this time can help us stand in deeper solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world for whom this is their normal experience.
    Wishing you & Paula and the family a Blessed Holy Week.
    With Love in Christ

  2. Thank you . Always it is how we respond to situations that defines us. If we grow in forgiveness, mercy and grace, I think we will be taking opportunities to show love and kindness to Christ in the people we meet, whoever they are and where they come from.

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