Do You See?

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The story itself is a firm favourite of many. 

It is a favourite of mine. 

The two disciples taking an unplanned walk towards a place called Emmaus.  As they take their heartbroken walk there must have been feelings of disillusionment, depression, doubts all mixed in with the fear that the authorities were coming for them too. 

Maybe, for the two, Emmaus represented home, a place of safety and security from the madness that had consumed their world over the past few days.

As they journey, they are joined on the road.

As I read this familiar passage this morning, I felt particularly drawn to the way that the ESV says this in Luke 24 vs. 15;

Jesus himself drew near

I wonder if we appreciate just how powerful a statement this is? 

As I thought about those words, what struck me afresh was that because Jesus is alive today, these words are also true today.  I think our problem is we, like those disciples, don’t always look for him.

In the hurt and anger of our world

Jesus himself drew near

In the rejection and fear of the other

Jesus himself drew near

In our brokenness

Jesus himself drew near

In the loneliness and isolation

Jesus himself drew near

In the war torn and damaged

Jesus himself drew near

Perhaps, our view might be changed if we realise that, in all of life, Jesus still draws near. 

May we have eyes to see him.

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