Does it REALLY matter?

Does it really matter?

It’s a great question and one that I have been thinking about a lot at the moment.

Without wanting to get to heavy or depressing, we are living in very disruptive times within our nation and within the world.  There are many cultural shifts happening.  With that, comes a great deal of uncertainty.  At times like this, people begin to question the motivation behind others and the ideals they represent.

As I began to mull this over, I found myself asking of the Church I attend “what are our values?  What do we represent?”  One dictionary definition of “values” says;

The principles that help you to decide what is right and wrong, and how to act in various situations

This was not something I could explore by myself, in isolation.  So, a few weeks ago, the Church leadership team aided by our better halves and our Regional Minister took some time out to explore this.

I have never seen so many post it notes in my life!!!

By the end of the day, we had done some great work together.  We had identified those things that mattered to us.  One of the participants on the day wrote these as our values statement

  • We want to WORSHIP God through prayer and learning together.
  • We want to be REAL with God and each other.
  • We want to ENCOURAGE everyone and enable them to develop their skills and abilities and their spiritual gifts and fruits.
  • We want to be a WELCOMING and friendly church that grows together as a family.
  • We have a great MESSAGE OF HOPE that we want to SHARE.

And that was all encapsulated in one single word WELCOME

Worship God

Encourage Each other

Love Everyone

Continue to Grow

Openness with God and with each other

Messages of Hope to share

Enable and Equip people to serve God

Now, the hard work really begins!!!  This looks and sounds good but, the danger is, we can regard this as an interesting exercise and file it away – soon forgotten.  If we are saying these REALLY matter to us, then we need to look at how we demonstrate them, how we live them.  These should set our agenda for the coming years.

In stating them we are not claiming any form of perfection.  We not perfect.  What we are doing is saying “this matters to us” and we acknowledge that we may need to challenge ourselves in certain areas/

I have taken the opportunity to invite our Church fellowship to be part of this journey with us.  There are a series of Bible studies I have put together to explore each of the letters of WELCOME and we ask for feedback so that we can, together, say “This REALLY does matter.  This is what we stand for”

One thought on “Does it REALLY matter?

  1. An interesting exercise! The one about seeking a message of “hope” stood out to me. Also the notion that worship was about prayer and learning together – I was surprised at that one! I suppose I expected worship to be about style of music and joyfulness , which is often the characteristic folk seem to want but the idea of depth in “prayer” seemed a very deep poignant sign. The others seemed very natural as they were descriptions of “being Church”. I hope a positivity ensues!

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