Ducks in the baptistery


Yesterday was a very special day at Pier Avenue.  We celebrated two people being baptised.  I love a good baptism and, I have to say, it is one of the greatest privileges of being a Baptist Minister.  I get to hear the stories and share in something the joy of the baptizees (not convinced that is a word but it will do).

The atmosphere in Church was wonderful, almost party like.  Somebody had even put two rubber ducks in the baptistery!

Many people have an expectation of Church they expect “Wesley and Weirdo’s” and yet, yesterday’s service was anything but!   I love it when those who are not used to Church, tell me how much they enjoyed being in the service and it wasn’t what they expected.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  There is a time when it is right to be serious in Church.  There are times when we should “weep with those who weep” (Romans 12 vs. 15).  But equally, there are times when we should rejoice, celebrate and have fun too.  In fact, it is scriptural read Luke 15 there are parties galore as those that were lost are found again!

When the time came Archbishop Duck-a-lot and his “bath store buddy” were lifted out of the water and we put them on the side to enjoy the view as we celebrated two lives transformed by the love of Jesus.

Today, I stood beside the emptying baptistery and couldn’t help smiling as I reflected on what happened yesterday.  I feel very honoured and humbled to have taken part in such a service.  Like every baptism, I will remember it as a very special occasion.  As I walked away I thought to myself “I may have got very wet but, not as wet as those who were baptized!”




4 thoughts on “Ducks in the baptistery

  1. Yes, it was indeed a wonderful time to have the baptisms of Elaine and Holly, with so many people being there for the service — almost unbelievable. God bless and may we have more to come.
    Brian n June

  2. There were no rubber ducks around in New Testament times, but I believe Jesus was a fun-loving guy. He chose a barbecue on the beach as the setting for restoring a relationship with his friend, Peter.

  3. Sean, You know we Anglicans are a bit tame compared to you. Well, we had a building situation where we had no font and someone had given me a miniature ancient font (portable) and I showed it to the bishop. He then produced his tankard which he uses to scoop up the water! We laughed. So, I use quite a bit of water on such occasions. A friend had heard and when he came for his Baptism he wore a transparent plastic apron! Yes, I agree times for fun but baptism involves the most serious of decisions!

  4. I have to admit that I do find adult Baptisms much more meaningful. But I won’t say anything more than that in case I get excommunicated by the CofE (!)

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