Feeling a little deflated


So, here’s what happened.

I had been at a wonderful meeting with local Baptist Ministers.  It had been a really special time and, to be honest, they are a great bunch and I count it a privilege to know them.  As I left the meeting, I was feeling pretty good and all was right with the world.

Then it happened.

I noticed, on the drive home, the car wasn’t handling quite as well as it did. There was a bit of a rumbling noise coming from it. I pulled over and noticed the rear nearside tyre  was running flat.

It had been fine when I left home earlier.  I am fairly sure it was okay when I pulled off from the meeting.  But, somewhere between leaving the meeting and the road home something had gone wrong. The tyre was deflated.

Okay I admit, my first thought was not “oh goody, here is the perfect illustration.  It was later, when I got chance to reflect, I thought life has a habit of doing that.

It seems that, in life, we go through a sort of cycle.  Good times, bad times.  On top of things, below things, Inflated, deflated.  The “inflating” of the meeting was suddenly (and literally) deflating in front of my eyes.

The car had to be taken to a nearby garage and a nail was discovered in the tyre which had, somehow, in my travelling driven deeper into the tyre and caused a loss of pressure – the garage, very kindly, gave me the nail as a souvenir of my visit!



One of the things that I have noticed about life’s deflating times is that everything seems so much more exhausting and it’s harder to just keep going.  If you like, I need re-inflating as life deflates me!  I need Gods Holy Spirit to breath in me and fill me afresh.

In the letter to the Church in Rome, Paul writes

Oh! May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope! (Romans 15 vs. 13 –  The Message)

I think that is a wonderful prayer and one I am asking God to fulfill in my life.





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  1. It’s not a Goodyear when you are feeling deflated, but when you are pumped up again you won’t feel tyred. You will be able to tread carefully and track your movements through life and get a good grip on things

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