Frothy coffee?


I am not a coffee drinker (tea only thanks) and I cannot understand the desire to consume, what appears to me, a cup of foul smelling mud.  What I understand even less are the options available if you have the misfortune to stumble into an expensive coffee outlet.  It seems so complex, so varied, so many choices.  I have become convinced that coffee drinkers are making up their beverage of choice just to sound sophisticated “I’ll have a triple espresso skinny latte with goats milk froth and java beans on rye with added sprinkles and a dash of fairy dust”.

The other day, I spotted something that confirmed my despair of coffee drinkers.  I was at a ministers conference and we were having a hurried tea break (words used deliberately ) and a colleague had one of “those coffees” when he scalded himself “it’s hot work getting through all this froth” he said.  It seemed to me, a casual observer, that in a second he had expressed (or espressoed) the problem that so many people face in life.

Life is full of froth.  What looks great on the surface is merely air and bubbles with no substance.  Our celebrity culture, the politics of the day, the media it’s all froth and it’s hard work getting through the froth and to the substance that you want or need.  There are some words from the Psalms that have really interested me;

Deep calls to deep

In the roar of your waterfalls

All your waves and breakers

Have swept over me

(Psalm 42 vs. 7)

 I have looked at what these mean in various commentaries and the commentators come up with a number of interesting explanations.  In my opinion, this Psalm is a call for a longing for depth in intimate relationship.  It’s a longing for God, a cry from the heart for reality with God, being known and fully known.

There is a word that is re-appearing in Christian writing and thinking and it is the word “soul”.  This is not the place to explore fully what this means but, my brief explanation of it is;

The very deepest part of us

 It’s our souls that long for the most intimate of all relationships, a relationship with our creator, God.   I believe that is what the Psalmist, poetically, speaks about in Psalm 42.  He wants to cut through the froth and move into the relationship that will truly satisfy him, a relationship with his creator.

I really think this is helpful.

From time to time I need to reflect on my own life and the froth that is within it.  Sometimes, I need to clear the froth out of the way and get to the soul of the matter.  I need to clear the froth out of the way and reconnect with my creator.

Perhaps, today, as you sit down to your beverage of choice, can I invite you to reflect on the froth in your own life and get down to what really matters?


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