Half full or half empty?

half and half

So, are you a half full or, a half empty person?

You know what I mean by that?  An optimistic person can be described as a glass half full, and a pessimistic person can be described as having their glass half empty.  I have met both kinds of people as I am sure you have too.  

I have been reflecting, recently, on what kind of person I am and I have come to the conclusion I am bit half and half!  By that I mean there are times when my glass is half empty and there are times when it’s half full.

I suppose my outlook on life gets affected by circumstances (both good and bad) by if I had a good nights sleep, by how Leicester Tigers are doing in the Rugby or by items on the news.

If truth be known, I suppose we all a bit “half and half”

This morning, I read some words that the Apostle Paul wrote;

Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice!                                (Philippians 4 vs. 4)

What interested me in these words came from the knowledge that Paul wrote these words from prison.  He wrote at a time when false teachers were attacking the Church.  He was beset by personal problems and troubles.  Yet, he talks about “rejoicing in the Lord”.  I suppose I have always read these from the perspective that, he had such a faith that it lifted his heart and mind above his troubles.  As I have thought about this, I have come to the conclusion, I was wrong.

Paul is a realist, his writings reflect that so, I cannot accept that this is a “glass half full” “hallelujah anyway” statement.  I think these words area reflection on Paul’s confidence in God;

Rejoice in the LORD

This is about where Paul’s focus is.  If we focus on our circumstances (both good and bad), if we had a good nights sleep, or by how Leicester Tigers are doing in the Rugby or by items on the news then we will inevitably be a half and half person.

I think Paul had his focus on God and on what God was doing in the here and now.  Because he was looking for what God was doing, he saw God at work in spite of circumstances, good nights sleep etc.

Sometimes, I need to check my focus and determine that I look to God in the here and now and look at what He is doing, then I will something to rejoice in.  Let me finish with some words from CS Lewis;


CS Lewis


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