Inappropriate Conversation


Have you ever overheard an inappropriate conversation and thought, “shall I challenge it or not?”

It happened to me the other day.

I was walking through the Church and heard a discussion which included the words “death row”.

I was horrified. 

Shocked that such a thing could be mentioned especially as the words were said in our toddlers club.  I decided to tackle the group leader about their inappropriate use of language in front of the children. 

I approached the door, and was about to enter the room when I heard the song “dingle dangle scarecrow”.

What I thought as “death row” was actually “scarecrow”.

It was with, some relief, that I didn’t challenge the leader – I felt stupid enough as it  was!  But, it reminded me how easy it is to mis-hear or, misunderstand what is being said.

Jesus struggled with that a lot.

As He taught and demonstrated what the Kingdom of God means, many either didn’t get it or, didn’t want to get what He was talking about. 

But, I can be guilty of that too. 

There are times when I “don’t hear” Jesus telling me to love my enemies.  There are times when I “don’t hear” Jesus telling me to forgive.  There are times I “don’t hear” Jesus telling me to ….. Well, you can fill in the blanks for yourself.

Sometimes, I need to stop and listen and listen very carefully. It’s too easy to miss what is really being said.

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