I’ve Missed It!!!!


Have you ever missed something really important?  The appointment, the important phone call, the birthday that you promised not to forget, the post with that important letter, the closing date for a job application or something you have been waiting for for a long time?  My heart went out to the train spotter who was waiting to see the Flying Scotsman on the main line, only to miss it courtesy of another main line train!

So, what about God?  I think we all miss God from time to time.  We get so wrapped up in all that we have to do, the pressure of life and responsibilities that we have that we can so easily miss what God is wanting to say to us.  In Psalm 46 vs. 10 (The Message) we read;

“Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.”

 I find it hard to step out of the traffic, and it’s something I am trying to learn.  But, what I have found is the more I do it, the less I miss the really important things that God wants to say.

As for the train spotter, Virgin Trains have made a wonderful offer to him and I hope he doesn’t miss the experience.  As for me, I will keep learning to step out of the traffic!


Dear Lord,

Forgive me when I become so consumed in what I have to do that I forget you.

Help me to slow down enough to step out of the traffic and take a long look at you.

Open my eyes so that I do not miss what you want to show me

Open my ears so that I can hear what you want to say.

And, when the rush of life crowds in again, help me not to forget you


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