Mud, glorious mud!


Mud, mud glorious mud

Nothing quite like it

for cooling the blood

so follow me


down to the hollow

and there let us wallow

in glorious mud

(Flanders and Swan)



What a weekend I have just experienced!!!  I did not believe you could get so much mud in one place and no, I was not at Glastonbury!!!  Until this weekend, I had not really appreciated The Song of the Hippopotamus by Flanders and Swan.

I have just come back from The Gathering 2016.  It was my first time and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  What I experienced far outweighed any expectation I had!  I experienced mud, mud and more mud along with fellowship, fun, some great teaching and encouragement.  I was challenged and excited by what I could see was happening in the lives of so many men.  Oh and in case you hadn’t picked it up – there was mud, a lot of mud!

The experience that I will take away with me is best summed up in this photograph which we saw at the meeting on Saturday night

Image-1 (2)


The rainbow appeared over the Big Top just as the Saturday night session began.  The rainbow was used in the story of Noah (in the Old Testament).  After all the flooding had subsided God makes Noah a promise.  To symbolise God’s trustworthiness, He puts a rainbow in the sky.  God then tells Noah that each time he sees the rainbow, it will remind him of God’s promise.

The rainbow over the Big Top spoke to me of how God keeps on loving us, despite our weaknesses and failures and He longs for us to live in a relationship with Him.  On that Saturday night, hundreds of men stepped forward and gave their lives to Jesus, they said “yes” to that relationship – I still have a lump in my throat when, I remember seeing those men step forward.  The mud we waded through over the weekend became glorious mud!

So, whenever I come back from any conference I ask myself a question “will you go again?”  My answer is “I have already booked”.  Come rain or shine I will be there, even in the mud I will be there because, even mud can truly be glorious!


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