Please do adjust your set


Yes, I did get that right, for those who think it should have read “please do not adjust your set”.  Let me explain…..

This morning I did quite well, I even had time to take the dog for a walk before I needed to get to the office.  I am very blessed to be living beside the sea.  We did one of my favorite walks – Holland Haven.

There is a little spot, just down by the sea where I like to stand and pray.  As we got to the spot this morning, there was nobody else around, so I stood and looked out to the horizon.  What I saw was interesting.  As I looked straight ahead there was beautiful sunshine, I could see the horizon and the turbines stretching out for miles.  When I moved my head slightly to the left, the sky was dark and the visibility was poor, the view was “unseeable” (not a proper word I know but, I hope you know what I mean).

So, there I was moving my head backwards and forwards like I was watching a tennis match!  Good job there was nobody else there!  Same morning, same time, same sea, same place – two different views.  But, isn’t that always the case?  I know there are some people who are pessimists and there are some who are optimists but, I think this runs deeper than that.

When I look at the life of Jesus, I realize that He saw exactly the same people as the Pharisees  and yet He saw them differently.  Same people, same time, same place – different view.

I believe that Jesus calls us to “please adjust your set” and look at the world with God’s eyes.  To see potential where others see failure, to see hope where others see despair to see acceptance where others see rejection.  Surely, this is “pie in the sky” thinking you say (go on admit it!!!!).  I think not.

“Adjust your set”, dear reader, change your vision and it’s God that helps you to do that.  In  the words of Corrie Ten Boom;

Look at the world , you’ll be distressed.  If you look within you’ll be depressed.  If you look at God, you’ll be at rest”

Is it time for you to “adjust your set”


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