Schools, guns and all that….



I wanted, some time ago, to write a blog about the recent tragic events in America.  I have held back simply because, I was not too sure what to say and how to put it.

In some respects it is none of my business because, I am not an American, I have never been to America and none of the victims are known to me in any way shape or form.  However, through news media, social media and the fact that what happens in one part of our world has an effect on the whole world, I feel that I have as much right as anyone to add my voice to the rest.

On hearing the news I was tempted to join the thousands of others with the comment “thoughts and prayers”.  I chose to remain silent at that time and, having seen the reaction, I realized that many who commented with”thoughts and prayers” were well meaning but,the emotions being felt were too raw.

I have no love for Donald Trump and I believe that allowing the general public to carry guns is ridiculous, expecting teachers to carry firearms in school is unbelievable!  I would support those people who are calling for gun control and the sooner the NRA is stripped of power the better.

But, in the aftermath and the shock, we all need to ask ourselves some very serious questions.  There is something fundamentally wrong in the world and that is what needs to be addressed.

Where young people feel disenfranchised and older people are afraid, something is wrong.  Where hatred and violence are allowed to flourish unchallenged, something is wrong.  Where people in the majority world are left to starve and fight for existence and some nations produce more and more food waste, something is wrong.

Jesus said some words that I have been reflecting on today;

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful                                          (Luke 6 vs. 37)

Jesus draws our attention to one of God’s prime characteristics, He is full of mercy.

God is loving and God is merciful and calls on us to show love and mercy not just to each other but, the whole of His creation.  We cannot live in isolation from each other, putting barriers up and creating obstacles.

As I read these words, I began to think about what they addressed in me.  I felt that they were saying “be like Jesus”.  Not easy but, essential!

What needs to change in me so that I can become more like Jesus?

What needs to change in you so that you can become more like Jesus?

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