The Beast From The East

Like many people, we are having a visit from a weather condition known as “The Beast From The East”.  It’s been quite an interesting few days.  A very slippy drive into work this morning proved very challenging!

In our Church, we run a group that supports the homeless vulnerably housed.  We were very busy this morning with hungry, cold folk.  Many were surprised to find us open given that so many services are really struggling to run in the present conditions.

During the morning, when things quietened down, I got chance to go and do a quick walk round of the Church building.  Given conditions, I just wanted to check all was well.  On my tour I found this in the entrance porch of the main Church building;


The main doors have a small gap at the bottom and the snow had blown through!  It made me think, how such a small gap could lead to something unwanted getting in.

In a strange way, I think the same can happen in our lives too.

I am going to use an old fashioned word here, the word is “sin”.  There is a danger that we can end up categorizing sins as “big sins” and “little sins”.  For most of us, we wouldn’t dream of committing “Big sins”.  But, when it comes to the “little sins” well, they don’t really matter, or do they?

Interestingly, the Bible doesn’t categorize sins in this way.  Sin is simply sin.  I think the reason why the Bible doesn’t differentiate is because God recognizes that even a little gap can allow the unwanted to get in.

How did I deal with the unwanted result of “The Beast from The East”?  A brush soon cleared it.

How can we deal with the unwanted in our lives?  Because Jesus paid the price for our sin, we can receive Gods grace, love and forgiveness.  All we have to do is ask

One thought on “The Beast From The East

  1. The Beast turned hearts to goodness

    May it be like that mythological wind my mother warned me would cause my face to ‘stay like that’ when I grimaced

    May those hearts turned to the good ‘stay like that’

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