The Beggars Banquet


To survive in the great city, you had to be rich and powerful.  There were many, who had done quite nicely they had the big cars, expensive luxury flats and wealth.  There was one problem in the city, the beggars.

It seemed on every street corner, in every alleyway and shopping centre there would always be a beggar crying out “give me something that you have, share with me of your wealth”.  As the city grew more rich and more powerful it seemed that the number of beggars increased.  Soon, there were more beggars than wealthy people in the city.

The king heard about this and sent messengers to the leaders of the city “help the beggars” he said “share with them something of your wealth, it is not right that you have so much and they have so little.  If you share just a bit with them, it won’t hurt you but will help them”.

The city leaders received the king’s messengers kindly but, many decided not to do anything about what they had heard.  Some heard the message, and determined to do something about it, later….

The city grew richer and more powerful and those at the bottom of the ladder lost what little they had and so, the number of beggars increased.

The king decided that he would visit the great city and bring his message personally to the people.  He told the officials that he wanted to provide the biggest banquet that the city had ever seen and, in order to communicate his message to the greatest number of people possible, he wanted to invite the largest part of the population.

The officials took the king at his word.  When the king visited the biggest costliest banquet the city had ever held took place and the guests that were invited were the largest part of the population; the beggars.

When the beggars entered the dining hall they could not believe their eyes.  They just stood and stared.  Nobody moved until the king stepped forward “welcome friends” he declared “come and eat as much as you want, there is plenty for all”.

One by one the beggars stepped forward and tried the food.  Some were very nervous being in the presence of the king.  Some felt they were not worthy of this kindness but, gradually, they began to eat and feast and celebrate.  They had never experienced anything like this before.

As the banquet moved on, one beggar approached the king “your majesty, this has been a wonderful experience, the food is amazing, I am so grateful for your kindness how can ever thank you enough?”

The king smiled at the beggar and said “that is easy, if you want to thank me all I want you to do is go out into the alley ways, shopping centres, streets and find as many other beggars as you can and invite them to come to my banquet”

DT Niles


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