What a Load of Rubbish


It happened this morning.  I had lost a piece of paper with an important reference number on it.  I was convinced it was in my desk drawer.  I opened my drawer and, there before me, was a collection of what can only be described as “stuff”.  For the past 8 years, anything I thought of as important or, “I must not lose that” has gone in my drawer.  As I waded through the drawer I came to realise that, so much of what I thought of as valuable, was little more than rubbish.

It is amazing how much rubbish we collect in life.  We don’t do it on purpose, and some of it has been collected over the years with the best of intentions but, it can ends up masking what it really important.

A few years ago, I had a valuable visual lesson on the powerful effect of rubbish.

I was sat in my, then office, at the church I was pastoring at the time.  It was a beautiful day and my office looked out over the stream.  Before you get a rural idyll image, the stream was little more than a trickle!  Suddenly the skies opened, and one of those April showers came thundering down.  Within a few minutes the stream had gone from “little trickle” to looking as though the banks were about to burst.  What I noticed was that at each of the junctions the stream was blocked with rubbish crisp packets, bits of plastic, paper and all sorts.  The rain had brought it all to the surface and it was now blocking the stream so that it could not flow away.

Sometimes, in life, we need to clear the decks.  There is something satisfying about getting rid of the rubbish and starting afresh.  How much more so, when it comes to the really important thing in life, that which lies within, and that is something that God can offer to each one of us today;

“A clean slate and a fresh start come from God by way of Jesus Christ.” 

(1 Corinthians 1 vs. 30 The Message)


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