What are you praying for?


What are you praying for?

Bit of an intrusive start to a blog but, think about it for a moment, what do you pray for?

Perhaps health or wealth.  Peace and security in your personal life, or the world.  Maybe that a loved one will keep on the straight and narrow.  Or, maybe, it’s a question you cannot answer because, well just because….

I read some words this morning that really spoke to me and set my prayer for today. 

Keep steady my steps according to your promise,
    and let no iniquity get dominion over me.

(Psalm 119 vs. 133 – ESV)

Different translations, of course, have a different way of recording it.  From “direct my paths” to “order my steps”. But, it was the words from the ESV that particularly struck me.

“Keep steady my steps…”

Have you ever watched a child learning to walk?  At first they take their tentative steps and then, they go through a phase, where to keep their balance they go faster and faster until they run and their bodies cannot keep up with the speed, they lose balance and fall!

“keep steady my steps…”

Last week, I had some time off.  During the course of the week I went on a trip to London and, as my visit drew to a close, I sat on a bench opposite the RBS building right in the heart of the City.  I don’t know about you but, I find people watching fascinating!  What amazed me was the speed of the people as they rushed from one thing to the next, talking on their phones, as they negotiated their way through the crowd bumping and jostling.



Am I so very different?  Sadly, no I am not! 

In my day to day life I can get so wrapped up in what I am doing and my need to complete more, rush from one challenge to the next that, before I know it, I can so easily be going so fast that my soul cannot keep up with my speed and I fall.

“keep steady my steps…”

So, what are you praying for?  I was challenged today to pray

Keep steady my steps Lord, according to your word and promises

Let nothing get hold of me that you don’t want in my life.

Keep steady my steps O Lord







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  1. Prayer is the greatest gift and joy we have. It is a tremendous power of love
    and grace which not only reach the throne of grace but also changes us too.
    It is something that should dominate our lives , but sadly there have been times
    when it is the last thing I have done. That is sad, but thoughts like yours get us retracted.
    I do find that , as I retire, I have more time to reflect and pray. I hope I don’t get busy again!

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